I called it! US Farmer’s are leaving some markets wide open…

February 6, 2008

A quick follow-up on my last post….

Seattle’s local NPR station ran a story a few days ago on Northwest farmers.  The rising prices of corn and wheat are beginning to have an effect on which crops farmers are choosing to plant this year.  Seed distributers are running out of corn and wheat seeds, but seem to have plenty of other crops available.  The problem? Farmers are following the money.  Land that once grew beans, alfalfa, potatoes, and bluegrass for golfcourses has been moved over to provide wheat and corn.

Enter: developing agricultural countires.  With such a large hole forming on the supply side of these crops, agricultural industries throughout the world have an opportunity to be competitive.  If ever there was a time to get a toe-hold into US markets, now is the time!


One Response to “I called it! US Farmer’s are leaving some markets wide open…”

  1. Commentor said

    Farmers have always followed the intersection of what pulls the highest price and what is cheapest to push to market. The tabacco and cotton industries are two examples. Now that transportion options are available and reasonably-priced, global markets now drive crop strategy by local markets, where before, it was statewide or regional markets. The cost of oil is also a driver of strategy, since oil is used for fertilizers; herbicides; fungacides; gas for tilling, planting and harvesting; and, final transportation to market.

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