What’s Your Carbon Footprint?

March 6, 2008


I just stumbled upon a carbon footprint calculator, courtesy of the US EPA. I’ve seen a lot of these floating around the internet, but I particularly like this one. All the info needed is probably stored in your brain (as opposed to others, which ask for specific electricity measurements). If you haven’t done this before, take a second to find out where you stand. You might be surprised. (Calculator can be found here).

So where does the writer of Smart Sense stand? Luckily, my environmental side didn’t take too hard a hit. For my household of 2; 8,900 lbs of carbon a year are produced. That’s well under half of an average household.

Where do you stand?


3 Responses to “What’s Your Carbon Footprint?”

  1. madmilker said

    37,040.71 and dang proud of it! only in America!

    oh! my cows are up to 3,482,894,110.67 but if they don’t burp……..they will blow up!

  2. Nicholas said

    37 thousand…wow! With the huge jump in oil prices recently, that has to cost quite a bit! Working to lower your carbon footprint could provide both financial and environmental benefits to you and your business.

    Here’s another thought: go solar. Some energy providers will buy the extra energy you don’t use. Wouldn’t it be great to never pay another energy bill?

  3. Dan said

    Hi, I came across your blog and thought you might like this initiative we are running; “Make Your Blog Carbon Neutral”. If you get chance, have a look here:


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