Hello, Curious Reader…

… And welcome to Smart Sense! What you’ve found is a blog on politics, economics, the environment, and other things that shape our world. Inside of that, I tend to look at at issues that limit growth and lead to “end of the world” ideas. Be on the lookout for topics such as population growth, peak oil and energy, and things to do with all our natural resources! My posts are sporadic – justifiably so due to a self-imposed blogging hiatus (ie, I’m busy with other things right now).

Smart Sense is run by me – A 20ish year old politico & environmentalist who views the world from the west coast’s Emerald City.  Want to contact me? Drop a comment, I check back often.


2 Responses to “About the Site & Writer”

  1. Do you have an email or Facebook I can reach you at?

    I have an idea for a story. It doesn’t take place here in Seattle, but rather Wisconsin. It’s a college class creating a wiki to track environmental policies in that state. They’re hoping the trend will catch on.

    It does, however, have a tie to Seattle as it’s run on our Wetpaint platform (a local company).

    Outside of that, I’m a local blogger and would just like to make a connection outside of that (I love the Sustainable is Sexy campaign). I think that we should share ideas outside of this possible story idea.

    My email should be available via the form.

  2. […] how do engaged young voters think about Campaign 08? One “20ish year old” in Seattle, WA, who studies political economics, works in strategic marketing […]

    Great site, and thanks for the large quote you published! You’ve made a fan out of me.

    -Nicholas | SmartSense

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